The plans...

Why: Trinity historically and currently has individuals confined to wheelchairs. As our congregation continues to age, it is likely that wheelchair use will continue. Trinity currently does not have ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant restrooms. We know of people that have chosen not to attend services specifically because of this restriction.

Project: Remodel the main floor men’s and women’s restrooms to create a handicap accessible family restroom. All new fixtures, floor tile and wall tile.

Cost Est. $28,000


Why: The current layout of the main level kitchen which is off of the parlor, creates very tight working conditions. The daycare uses this kitchen throughout the week and the church uses it on Sunday’s and during special occasions. Renovating the kitchen will create more flexibility for the variety of functions held in the parlor.

Project: Remodel main level kitchen by removing interior wall and all cabinets. Replace sink and appliances and add new storage racks. Includes new tables and wall shelving. Also, the parlor door will be moved and widened to align with the Narthex and Sanctuary doors.

Cost Est. $12,000


Why: Currently we are limited in how we use the front of the church when it comes to worship, performances or any other special functions. Eliminating fixed objects on the chancel will allow for greater flexibility.

Project: Convert pulpit from being stationary to mobile. Remove choir pews and wooden risers. Replace with chairs and quality portable risers. Add handicap ramp up to chancel area on west side. Relocate flood and spot lights out of chandeliers to the back arch. Add child protection to balcony rail. Remove 2 rows of pews near the middle of the sanctuary and replace with chairs to give more room for wheelchairs and walkers. No changes to back pews.

Cost Est. $70,000


Why: Our kitchen has not been updated in nearly 50 years. It is the mainstay of our Sunday morning breakfast, which is one of our most important ministries. The kitchen is also used daily by the daycare center. Most of the equipment is aged and near the end of its expected useful life. Most of the cupboards and drawers do not close properly.

Project: Move the south wall of existing kitchen to incorporate closet area in stairwell. Remove cabinets and replace with portable storage racks. Add walk in cooler/freezer. Upgrade griddle, convection oven, dishwasher and sinks as well as other appliances. Add warming rack. Replace floor tile.

Cost Est. $56,000


Why: Currently the church office is not visible to our visitors. Opening up the entrance will create a more inviting atmosphere.

Project: Remove main office entry door and portion of wall to open up main entrance.

Cost Est. $2,500


Why: Currently, the men’s basement restroom is tucked to the back of the church. There are concerns that this area is unmonitored and not very accessible. The women’s restroom is outdated.

Project: Add new handicap accessible men’s restroom under stairwell on west side. Renovate existing women’s restroom with new toilets, sinks, walls and flooring. Convert existing men’s basement restroom into storage.

Cost Est. $28,000


Why: The current location of the information center tends to create a bottleneck on Sunday mornings. Also, members have identified a need to have a dedicated space to prepare the elements for communion.

Project: Renovate existing library/conference rm. 2 to become the new information center. Add a sink in conference rm. 2 for communion preparation area. Also, remove wall in front of elevator in Narthex.

Cost Est. $10,000

  • Fellowship Hall

Why: The congregation, Trinity’s daycare as well as the community uses Fellowship hall for many different functions. Fellowship hall has not undergone a major renovation in decades. It serves many valuable ministries.

Project: Remove alcoves in ceiling. Replace with new ceiling and add more lighting. Drywall all walls and paint. Replace floor tiles. Remove encasing around poles. Add sound system. Wall off back hallways at free store and provide doors for hallway access. Daycare items will be stored elsewhere.

Cost Est. $60,000

  • Stained Glass Windows

Why: Trinity’s stained glass windows hold deep meaning for many people. Although our stained glass windows are in fairly decent condition for being a century old, they need attention to assure they last.

Project: Remove and replace all outside Plexiglas coverings with Lexan. Repair internal and external woodwork and paint. Retouch leading around glass where it is required. Clean and linseed oil inside and outside glass.

Cost Est. $70,000

  • Gymnasium

Why: The air-handling units in the gymnasium create so much noise currently that it is very difficult to use the gym for anything other than children’s exercise. Soundproofing will allow for more creative use of the space.

Project: Encase air-handling unit to make quieter. Repair electrical outlets and repair walls. Add bike rail to protect walls.

Cost Est. $5,000

  • Main entry glass door

Why: The current configuration of the main entry glass doors does not allow easy access for large items or caskets.

Project: Replace outside and interior glass doors with wider doors to provide better accessibility for caskets and other large items.

Cost Est. $5,000

  • Carpet

Why: The current carpet is old and is need of replacement in many areas of the church. The carpet has stains that we can no longer get clean and there are areas that are being held together by tape.

Project: Replace all carpet with either new carpet or other type of floor covering. Also replace other flooring as needed such as stair moldings.

Cost Est. $40,000

  • Smoke and fire detection

Why: Currently, the church has limited fire detection. Protecting our church investment is important.

Project: Add smoke and fire detection to cover entire church.

Cost Est. $90,000

  • Education wing HVAC

Why: The current boiler/air conditioning system that is currently in place is inefficient.

Project: Update existing boiler system to a more efficient heating-air cond. system.

Cost Est. $170,000

  • Replace organ leathers and computerize

Why: Trinity’s organ is nearly 45 years old. It is recommended that the leathers (valves) be replaced every 30-50 years. Some of the leathers have already needed replaced. Also, the air bellows system restricts movement of the organ.

Project: Replace the leathers in the pipes and change organ to electronic.

Cost Est. $333,000

  • Engineering      Cost Est. $ 25,000
  • Capital campaign budget      Cost Est. $ 6,000
  • Consultant fees for Capital Campaign      Cost Est. $14,000
  •  Total Renovation costs $1,025,000.00