Our History

The “new” Trinity United Methodist Church God continues making all things new!

On March 23, 2008 the congregations of Trinity United Methodist Church of Lima and Grace United Methodist Church of Lima merged creating the “New” Trinity United Methodist Church of Lima. It is clear that God’s holy spirit has been moving through these two churches for a long time, continually “making all things new” (Rev. 21:5) through the years.

A brief history of the former Trinity UMC

Trinity UMC began with the arrival of a circuit rider preacher from St. Mary’s in 1829. Services were initially held in the “little log courthouse.” Over the years, the congregation built and worshipped in three different structures, the third being the present one. This current building, of “famous Bedford limestone,” has also undergone numerous renovations, adapting as needed to help persons “Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Sow for Christ.” When other churches were moving to the suburbs, Trinity UMC purposely chose to remain downtown in order to be “in the heart of the city, seeking the heart of Christ.”

In its early history, Trinity helped launch five other Methodist churches, one of them being Grace United Methodist Church!

A brief history of the former Grace UMC

Grace Church had its beginning at an 1879 Christmas Eve prayer meeting of three people. Mr. Timothy Schroyer of Trinity Church met and prayed with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ballard. The home meetings continued and grew into a house church in 1880. The congregation moved into a new church building at Kibby and Elizabeth streets in 1881. The former Grace congregation, like Trinity, occupied several different buildings (in 1881, 1883, and 1915) and underwent several other instances of remodeling, responding to changing needs. Grace, with the same intention as Trinity choosing to remain downtown, purposely chose to be a presence of Christ on the near Southside in order to serve the people in the surrounding community.